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Healthy and Insured!

Last night my human took me to the vet for the first time since I have been rescued. I was very scared in the car and tried to break out of my carrier, but alas I made it intact.

I will require a tooth extraction, but otherwise I am okay! I don’t have ear mites anymore and my poop is clear of parasites. Yay! I am also now insured through Trupanion so I am protected (and my human).

Now I can sleep soundly :3

Tech Support

My human started spewing pages from this strange device, so I figured it must be broken. I put my tech skills to work and investigated for him.

Check out the gallery below of me doing my thing.

One Week

I have been living here for one week now! I am still getting settled but I think my human and I have fallen into a nice routine. He gets up and leaves for most of the day and I patiently await his return. I can hear him come down the stairs before he even opens the door!

I really like to spend time under the couch; I find all sorts of cool things under there that I can play with. There is a lot of dust under there though that makes me sneeze! So far I have eaten one and a half containers of food. Going for two in a couple days!

My human likes to spend time on the computer so he puts out a pillow for me to lay on, though most of the time I am eager for him to pet me :3 When we sleep he puts the same pillow on his computer chair and I curl up and sleep beside him. He snores very loudly!

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Buster. I am a cat that was rescued off the street by Toronto Cat Rescue and fostered for a couple weeks by some awesome foster parents. I was then moved into a pet store but thankfully only had to spend a single night there because someone already wanted me!

I am now happily and comfortably living with my human in his apartment. I love it here!

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